12 sublime movies with a wonderfully magical atmosphere

Sometimes, we feel that the magical atmosphere we all remember from childhood fairytales and magic has disappeared from real life, and yet occasionally we long to feel it again so much to help us put our minds at rest and let our imaginations breathe.

 That’s why we put together a list of 12 truly wonderful movies which are overflowing with a sparkling magical atmosphere.

Big Fish, 2003

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You might think Big Fish is just another fairytale, but you’d be wrong. The movie is full of childish delight, kindness, naivety, love and, most importantly, magic which is able to enchant even the most sceptical viewer. One day, the main character has a thought: ’What prevents a person from turning his ordinary life into one akin to a fairytale? There must be a way, and this aim is, surely, the only one which gives life meaning.

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