13 ridiculously simple products which made their creators millions.

There’s a huge number of simple inventions and seemingly obvious ideas out there which no one other than their creaters ever thought up. These simple things netted their creators millions of dollars, making them fabulously wealthy. Sometimes, though, it’s not even clear that these people put in any work at all to achieve this.

It’s exactly the case with the following thirteen products. We suggest looking a bit closer at the world around you — maybe, your millions are lurking not so far away!

The Smiley

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The American artist Harvey Ball invented the Smiley image in 1963. He was paid just $45 for the rights to it. Subsequently, two brothers, Bernard and Murray Spain, realised that the Smiley contained huge marketing potential. They managed to earn $50 million for the sale of it as a licensed image.

via: lolwot

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