15 astoundingly ambitious ideas for redesigning your home

Some interior designs look so brilliantly perfect that you can’t help but try them for your own home, no matter how expensive or difficult they might be. Of course, not everyone will understand the reasons why you chose to use neon paints on your walls. But believe it or not, many will admire your courage and determination.

Ceative Ideas has prepared some crazy yet cool design ideas. Are you bold enough to create such extraordinary interior looks for your home?

A glass floor


A glass floor is one of the most striking design ideas that will impress any visitor in your home and will add zest to the whole interior. The biggest its drawback, though, is that it looks scary for many people. Well, your guests will have to walk on eggshells.

A crazy bathroom


A whole room for bathing. What else?

An amazing bed


It seems that the designer has had a fear of falling out of bed at night.

Stripes everywhere


It’s hard to say whether these stripes expand or shrink the room. But one thing is clear here: they look attractive, bright and very unusual.

Bright colors


When it comes to infusing a space with vivacious energy and bringing a touch of madness to your bedroom, red seems the most appropriate. If you’re bold enough, just go ahead and implement your crazy ideas. Otherwise, you can just add some bright accents like throw rugs or pillows to liven up the space.

Colored windows


If you like bright colors and playful décor, install stained glass windows and enjoy the magic effect of sunlight pouring through colored glass.

A tree in your home


Add a touch of nature to your home by placing a giant tree sculpture on the wall of your living room. Cute photo murals will also look great.



Many people refuse to buy such unusual furniture pieces. Do you like extraordinary things? Why not take a risk?

An indoor swimming pool


Having a swimming pool in your bedroom is probably the best remedy for depression ever.

A home library


Having a home library seems so classy and distinguished. I’m just wondering how on Earth people can collect so many books!

A slide


Have you ever thought how much time of your life you waste when you are going downstairs or waiting for an elevator?

An elevated fireplace


This fireplace won’t keep your house warm, but it will definitely amaze your guests.

This desk


If you have some unnecessary sports cars lying around somewhere in your house, just turn it into a desk.

These stairs


Or you can turn your staircase into a real tunnel.

This window


This window could help you create your own castle.

Preview photo credit: allarchitecturedesigns

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