15 cool handmade items for your garden


A garden or a private backyard is a unique place: you can both work and relax there. If you have your own small piece of nature and love to create, then you might be interested in the ideas that Best Creative Ideas collected for you from all over the Internet.

A planting board

A board, screws, and wine corks can help to facilitate the process of planting seedlings. You can find more information here.

A patio table

You can make a stunning outdoor table using pallets and then decorating it with plants.

A pond

If you want to make a pond or even a fountain in your garden, you’ll only need a tractor tire.

A board for cutlery

You can make a convenient board for cutlery or garden tools by following this instruction.

An umbrella stand

Sun protection equipment can look so stylish. Follow these steps to create it.


You can hang these lovely lanterns on your fence and enjoy the romantic atmosphere they create. If you want to know how to make them, check this link.

A round table

This table made from an old spool looks very unique. Click here for more information.

A bench

Don’t be in a rush to throw your old chairs away; instead, you can make a bench from them.

A container for gardening

An old dresser can perfectly organize your plants.

A basket

This handmade basket looks just great; you can check out how to make it here.


You can turn a barrel into an outdoor sink just like this.

Kids will be happy to have this swing. Also, it’s quite easy to make them.

A lounge chair

You can find more information on how to make it here.

A compact bar

This is an idea for outdoor parties: hang a small box on the wall and use its side as a table.

A hammock

You can make this hammock all by yourself.

A walkway

Here you can read how to make a garden walkway.

Preview photo credit: nasidastudio / eurobanks / shutterstock

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