15 original ways to hang your photos

The house is a great space for experiments. With a good mood and some imagination, you can hang even the most common photos around your apartment in such a way that they will become true lights of joy.

Best Creative Ideas found several ideas that prove that if you want to hang photos in an original way, you no longer need traditional photo frames and nails.



A Family Tree of Important Events

You’ll surely find a place for the bright moments of your life on this unusual family tree. You can make this in several different ways: by using paint, stickers, wooden twigs, or branches. You can use photo frames or not, it’s up to you. The main thing is to hang your favorite photos of the best events and the dearest people in your life on this tree.


Any Surface Is A Frame For The Best Moments

If you want to decorate your apartment with some photo masterpieces but you have no desire to do it in a traditional way, here’s a great idea to enliven your interior. Your fridge, walls, windows, and even your wardrobe can be a ’canvas’ to hang your photos on.

You can use double-sided tape, glue, magnets, or damage-free hanging strips to hang your pictures on whatever surface you want. This method of hanging can easily be moved, which is very nice for people who love changes.



Clipboard: Simple and Great

April Inspiration Wall - So Far

Clipboards are perfect for hanging your favorite photos. They will make your room more modern and you can change pictures more often than if they were in traditional frames. Clipboards are easy to attach to the wall by using damage-free hanging strips or picture hooks.



Pretty Garlands of Funny Memories

Garlands can be a great way to decorate your house, and they’re not just for Christmas. With their help, you can easily add a fresh touch to a boring interior. All you need is multi-colored string and paper or fabric to decorate the garlands. You can hang this garland on the wall or on any piece of furniture.




If you have an imagination (we bet you do), a common and rather boring clothespin can help you create a real work of art. You only need some twine and several pins. With their help, you can make a hand-made picture hanger. Decorate an empty wall or any other piece of furniture, from the lampshade to the curtains!



Family Time

Even though it’s said that happiness takes no account of time, you will surely need a clock in the house. It’s easy to make this fun wall clock: fix a clock’s hands on the wall and place pictures of your family in frames around them.



Make It Light Up

A simple desk lamp with paper, cloth, or a synthetic lampshade can make your photos brighter, literally. If you like the idea, we’ll show you how to make one of these. You’ll need transparent glue to fix your photos on the surface (the front of the picture should be glued to the inside of the lampshade). Unfortunately, you’ll have to replace the photos with the new ones over time, because such bright light is damaging to paper.



Any Fantasy Can Become A Masterpiece

A twig circlet, brought from your vacation, can be a perfect decoration for photos on the wall, reminding you of summer, romance, and a hot, southern sun.



The True Wheel of Fortune

You can turn a simple plastic hoop into a great interior element by using colored woolen threads, pegs, and funny photos. This composition will look particularly good on a light, one-colored wall. It’s just one bright detail, but it looks so cool!



3D Frames For Important Photos

Here’s another idea for an unusual photo placement. These 3D frames can be made out of cardboard and glue. They make even small pictures more visible on your wall. If you want your frames to be round, you can use the tubes from foil or paper towel rolls.



The Chalkboard of Memories

A small or large chalkboard from the children’s room would be an excellent alternative to a blank wall. If you don’t have a chalkboard in the house, you can make one out of any board by painting it with special chalkboard paint. Now you can draw new frames for your photos every day, and leave sweet messages for your family.



Mirror, Mirror…

If you have an old mirror frame, don’t throw it out, you can still give it a new life! Several suitable color strips and your imagination can help decorate it to your taste. A beautiful place for pictures, isn’t it?



The Original DIY Photo Mobile

It’s easy to make this mobile for small photos that you can hang in any room — from the nursery to the cabinet. It can be made out of any branch, wooden stick, strings, or twine. You’re free to decorate it any way you like: flowers, knitted toys, or some trinklets.



Cork Photo Board For Small Items

It’s not difficult to make a cork photo board for keys and other small things that people usually lose. All you need is a roll of cork, a sharp knife, glue or double-sided tape, and some good photos.



Vintage Bottles Instead of Traditional Frames

Think that traditional photo frames are boring? You can replace them with something unexpected; for example, cans, bottles, and other vintage glass containers. If you have a classical or Province interior, these vintage frames will look especially nice. However, these charming frames will also fit an ordinary modern interior, with a hint of shabby-chic.



Preview photo credit: Beri & Delai, Johanna Pinkepank


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