15 superb ideas for hiding the mess at home and impressing your guests

You prefer to eat your favourite instant oatmeal for dinner, and you have trouble boiling an egg. But why should your guests know about your bad or embarrassing habits? It’s essential to keep your home tidy and perfectly stocked with everything you love for your own sake, but sometimes you need to get things done faster in the event of friends of family turning up.

 Here are some great ideas on how to give a good impression of yourself if you don’t have enough time for cleaning your house or getting everything in order before your guests arrive. We found them to be very useful!

Sort various miscellaneous foodstuffs into jars

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Things like rice and cereals or pasta are usually sold in nice special packaging. You should throw that packaging away and empty the contents into big glass jars which you can put in a spot in your kitchen where everyone will see them. This helps create a feeling of homeliness which is guaranteed to impress any guest.

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