17 Feline thieves

As we all know, cats are great thieves. They make a big fuss of following you around, rubbing up against your legs and purring affectionately, but as soon as your back is turned they’re ready to commit daylight robbery. In these photographs the sneaky creatures have been caught red-handed (or should that be red-pawed?). We advise you to go and check if your pet isn’t hatching cunning plans to snatch that sausage.

It’s like a scene from a horror movie!

No surrender — that pancake is mine!

I’m going to write about how cruel you were yesterday when you didn’t give me any of that fish.

There are no limits for me.

It’s mine. Baggies!

Well, you only live once.

I can lie in my bed and steal candy without even getting up. This is the life!

When I grow up we’ll see whose fish these really are.

What’s this carrot doing here?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Yet another attempt to steal the duster. Like always, he didn’t get far.

My favorite size!

I just get a kick out of being cheeky.

This’ll keep me going for a couple of days, and by then they’ll have forgotten all about it.

Huh? Who’s eaten all the cookies? Don’t look a me!

Quick, while they’re not looking!

I’ll just have a sniff…

material from: boredpanda

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