18 delightful movies to put you in a festive mood

Although the holidays aren’t that close, you can start enjoying their magical atmosphere right now. Getting in a Christmas tree and a Santa Claus costume are optional, but re-watching classic holiday movies (or finding new ones!) is guaranteed to get you in a festive mood.

 To help you,  we put together a list of 18 movies that are just perfect for creating a festive atmosphere, as well as the feeling that a miracle is around the corner. If we forgot something, share your favourite movies in the comments!

Love Actually

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«Love is all around us. It’s really everywhere.» The movie begins with these words, and it seems that you can watch it a hundred times without getting bored. A writer enamoured by his housekeeper, an ageing rock star, a bored prime minister, a widower, porn stars — all the characters in this movie have witnessed something very important. Yes, it’s exaggerated, yes, it could never happen in real life. But this movie is like a dream; so as we say to cynics — do not disturb, please!

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