20 awesome storage ideas for those who love having everything in the right place

We all enjoy having our homes perfectly tidy — and a key sign of this is when everything is in its right place. However, hardy anyone likes wasting time on cleaning, dusting, hovering, mopping, or putting things on the shelves. In other words, it seems that we have to endure terribly boring activities if we want to achieve our goal here.

Well, not everything is as it seems. We strongly believe that if you learn just a couple of the little tricks mentioned below, you will fall in love with your household chores.

Shelves in the garage

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The space above the garage door seems to be absolutely useless. However, you simply need to think a bit more creatively. Then you will see that it can be used for putting some quite convenient shelves where you can store a whole number of seasonal items: Christmas decorations and ski equipment, for example.

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