Check out this 111-year-old house that sits in the bay

There’s a small rocky island not far from Jamestown, Rhode Island in the Narragansett Bay. It could have stayed unremarkable, but instead, a house was built there in 1905. It got the name ’Clingstone.’

With the permission of Eric Jacobs (Boston Photographer), we publishe his photographs of the house. Now relax, take a look at the spectacular photos and imagine yourself on the island, enjoying the views of the Atlantic Ocean.


In 1961, Boston architect Henry Wood bought this unusual house for $3,600. Before he bought it, the house had been empty for 20 years.


The house was designed by financier J. S. Lovering Wharton in collaboration with designer William Trost Richards in the late 1800s. Wharton wanted to live away from the city where no one would disturb him.


One of the enticing characteristics of Clingstone is the number of windows. There are 65 in the home.


The construction of the house was finished in 1905. The cost for building it was $36,982.

5Henry Wood has the pictures of the house’s design, which he treasures, along with the newspaper articles about Clingstone.


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Clingstone has 10 rooms, and each of them boasts a spectacular view.



The dining table is designed for 14 people.


Family members use boats and kayaks to get to town.


’Clingstone’ stayed in perfect condition because of the love and hard work of all the members of the Wood family and their close friends. Ocean views, the breeze and the rocky shore gave some special charm to the house, and its dwellers forgot about the noisy city streets and fell in love with the calm and peace of this place.

Source: nytimes

Photo credit: Erik Jacobs (Boston Photographer)

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