Dishes from around the world which you definitely need to try

Recently, the website Quora decided to undertake a survey. Users were asked to name one dish which they felt was the best or most interesting which their country had to offer. The result was a list of 35 national dishes representing 35 different countries of the world. We present the list here, as a handy guide that will help you remember what to try should you visit any of these places. Bon appétit!

Belgium: Moules-Frites


Mussels are prepared in any number of ways (cooked with wine, butter, and herbs, or maybe a tomato-based broth) and served with salty, crispy fries. Wash it down with a refreshing Belgian beer.

Austria: Wiener Schnitzel


Wiener schnitzel is synonymous with Austria. It’s a very thin veal cutlet that’s breaded and deep fried. It’s usually served with lemon and parsley, and is accompanied by a side of potatoes or rice.

Argentina: Asado


Asado is the term to describe Argentina’s delectable grilled meats—and grilled Argentinian steak is especially delicious. It is true that most of the good meat goes to the so called first world countries via exports, but if you have a good ’asador’ (the guy making the asado) the taste will be priceless, especially if you’re in the countryside.

Canada: Poutine


Originally from Quebec, poutine is a delicious calorie-fest that will warm you from the insides: French fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds.

Brazil: Feijoada


The most iconic Brazilian dish is probably feijoada, a stew of black beans and smoked beef and pork. It’s usually served with rice, collard greens, farofa (toasted manioc flour), hot sauce, and an orange slice to help with digestion.

Australia: Pie floater


Often touted as the perfect hangover cure, a pie floater is an Australian-style meat pie that’s sitting in a bowl of thick green pea soup. It’s sometimes topped with tomato sauce, vinegar, and salt and pepper.

China: Xiaolongbao


It’s difficult to select just one dish for such a large and varied country as China, but xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) are certainly one of the country’s most memorable foods. Originally from Shanghai, these dumplings are usually filled with some sort of meat and soup broth and steamed in a bamboo basket.

Croatia: Paški sir cheese


Paški sir is a hard Croatian cheese that’s made from sheep’s milk. It’s made in the island of Pag and is so famous that it’s exported around the world.

Egypt: Molokhia


Molokhia is served throughout northern Africa, but is especially popular in Egypt, where it’s believed to have originated. The Egyptian version of the dish uses Molokhia leaves (a type of bitter vegetable) that are stripped from the stems, then finely minced and cooked with coriander, garlic and stock. It’s generally served with chicken or rabbit, or perhaps lamb or fish.

England: Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding


Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding is considered the national dish of England. Sop up the flavor of the beefy gravy with the hot doughy bread.

Georgia: Khachapuri


Khachapuri is a savory, chewy bread that’s filled with bubbling cheese or egg originating in the Caucasian country of Georgia.

Holland: Soused herring


Soused herring is a raw herring filet that’s marinated in a preserving liquid that might consist of cider, wine, sugar, herbs, and/or spices. The dish is best eaten on a fresh toasted roll and topped with chopped onions.

India: Tandoori Chicken


It’s nearly impossible to choose just one dish to sum up India. But if we had to choose just one iconic Indian dish, we’d have to go with Tandoori chicken. The dish consists of chicken that’s spiced with tandoori masala and roasted in a tandoor, a type of clay oven. It’s often served with vegetables, yogurt sauce, and rice.

Indonesia: Martabak Manis/Terang Bulan


Martabak Manis is a sweet, thick Indonesian pancake. The top and bottom parts are basically spongy pancake, while what’s sandwiched in the middle can be anything sweet you can dream of—ranging from chocolate sprinkles to grated cheese to peanut pieces (or even banana pieces!). You can buy them from street vendors around Indonesia.

Italy: Pizza


Pizza originated in Italy—and Naples, a city in southern Italy, is its birthplace. Neapolitan-style pizza is chewy, crunchy and topped with high-quality ingredients like fresh tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, and any number of meats. Here, pizza is an art.


Source: Businessinsider

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