From the outside it looks like a hanger. Inside, it’s a real tropical paradise…

‘Tropical Islands’ is more than just a water park. This comprehensive entertainment centre is been built inside a huge cupola. Aside from the usual water rides, it also boasts an artificial lagoon, a tropical forest, other themed parks, and many other interesting things.

Here’s the story of a heavenly place hidden beneath an ordinary-looking roof.

It’s hard to believe, but the largest water park in the world is hidden under this grey roof. This is about 60 km from Berlin.


Inside, in a space equal to eight football fields, you can find a real tropical resort with palm trees, swimming pools and Caribbean-style beach huts.


The biggest attraction here is, of course, the water slides. They have ones of many different sizes and shapes. The largest one is 25 metres high.


Artificial waves are generated in each of the swimming pools. The temperature of the water is kept constantly at 26 degrees. The pools are large enough to accommodate a huge number of people.


A tropical forest is located in the centre of the park, made up of 50,000 assorted trees and plants.


It’s possible to relax in a jacuzzi, get a massage or have a glass of beer in one of the restaurants.


There are also opportunities to play beach volleyball and golf, do aerobics and even take a ride in a hot air balloon.


There’s even a dedicated hotel inside the park. Visitors have the option of spending the night either on the beach or in a room.


Overall, you might say this place is a real heaven on Earth!

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