Golden rules of purity from the East

Sometimes, the rules and advice of a different culture might not always seem to work for you. But for the following seven rules of purity which have come down to us from Eastern cultures, this is certainly not the case – we believe they have potential use for each and every one of us in our lives. Take a look and see if you agree.


  1. “Purity of the hands”: This means not taking what you don’t need and what is not yours. If some money or any other valuable object was not meant for you, yet you obtained it through deception and cunning, it will inevitably become a curse rather than a blessing in your life.
  2. “Purity of the ears”: Do not heed the words of resentful or ignorant people. Ignore foul language, gossip and meaningless conversations.
  3. “Purity of the eyes”: Do not allow your eyes to be guided by envy or lust. Do not befoul your sight with images of violence or cruelty. Focus on things that are clean and pure, and pay attention only to the perfection of the world and the wonder of nature’s colours.
  4. “Purity of the mouth”: Keep your lips sealed against foul language and empty talk. Remember that silence is golden.
  5. “Purity of the body and clothes”: Always dress immaculately. Your appearance is an important sign of self-respect.
  6. “Purity of thoughts”: Rid yourself of negative thoughts and malicious intentions. Do not treat yourself cruelly. Instead, focus on lightening the burden of yours and others lives.
  7. “Purity of the heart and soul”:  Observe that which rouses emotion in you, and do not ignore it. Your soul is the most pure and beautiful thing in the world, so heed its yearnings. When you do, the path of your life will be much easier. Love others and don’t expect or demand anything in return. Giving love alone is the greatest source of happiness.


Based on material from: “Visual Culture in the Modern Middle East”
Photo credit: userapi

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