Hilarious examples of cat logic

On some occasions, it seems that the differences in the way humans and cats think are not as great as we first thought, and we become convinced that we can completely understand the way our beloved pets act and feel.

This is a mistake. When you see these hilarious photos, you’ll be once again believe in that special law of the universe — you can never understand Cat Logic!

Sleeping on the floor wasn’t very comfy.

…What are you looking at?

You’re doing it wrong…

I do things my way!

Aaah, that’s the spot I was looking for!

You get more water this way.

I’m loving my present! Thanks so much!

Some cats bring back mice…but I like sponges.

You did say ’don’t sit on the keyboard’!

Still trying to figure out the logic behind this one…

You just don’t know what true comfort is…

It tastes better from his bowl.

Well, at least they’re using what we bought for them!

Sleep on the INSIDE? Are you mad?

Source: boredpanda

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