Hilarious things our dogs do that every owner will recognize

Dogs are kind and intelligent creatures. They’re ready to help you at any moment, and know how to lift your spirits when you’re down. But anyone who owns one knows that they sometimes do things which drive you crazy. All the same, we love them so much!

We love them even when they embarrass us…

Even when they don’t do what they’re told correctly

’Well, you did tell me to run, then sit down!’

Even when they give you that pleading stare

’Since you haven’t come upstairs yet, I just want you to know that I really love you…’

’I thought you might never come back, and I just panicked!’

When they do precisely what you tell them not to

’You really thought this would stop me?’

’Can you imagine…the pillow just exploded…for no reason!’

Even when they force us to do stupid things

’Let me in, please, so I can go outside again.’

We love them because they’re so terrible at acting

’I love you so much. Oh, someone chewed on your new boots, but that’s not important right now. Did I mention how great you are?’

Even when they do what you didn’t ask them to do

And even when they eat what’s not good for them

’Ice cream? No, I didn’t see anything…’

’No, I can’t remember what he looked like, he just took it and ran off…’

Or lie shamelessly to your face

’I don’t think we’ll ever find out who did it…’

Because, despite all this, they’ll always be by our side

’Don’t cry, honey! He’s not worth it.’

’We were told to guard, so we’ll guard! No one gets in or out.’

’I told we didn’t need a nanny. I can do it all myself.’

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