Seven unbelievably simple ways to organize your closet

Are your drawers bursting with odd socks, swimwear, hats and gloves? These days, storing things properly in your closet has become an entire art. It always seems that there are too many items of clothing and not enough space for them.

Fear not! We can reveal some of the secrets of storing things neatly and compactly, so they keep their freshness and you can still close that wardrobe door.

Get rid of stuff you don’t need

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First of all, sort out the clothes you never wear. “I wore this skirt five years ago, maybe I will wear it ever again“ — such excuses are not accepted. After all, you haven’t once remembered the skirt for the last five years. By the way, you don’t need to dump old clothes; you can make all sorts of interesting decorations out of them. For example, you can sew a chair cover or a blanket from scraps of fabric. It might take some time, but the result will make you feel good.


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