Ten incredible and mysterious places around the world untouched by mankind

Few people realise that there are places on Earth where human beings have yet to set foot and which are, most likely, still entirely the preserve of wild animals. Many of them are so remote and inaccessible that it would take a huge amount of time, effort and skill for us to reach them. And yet the ones we know about — seen only from the air — are often stunning in their beauty. Perhaps, for all our achievements, it’s precisely because these places have yet to see human intervention that they remain so utterly captivating — places which have stayed the same since the dawn of time, pristine in their beauty.

Here are ten of the most stunning and intriguing. Would you want to go there?


Tepui, Venezuela

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The word ’Tepui’ means ’home of the gods’ in the language of the indigenous people of Gran Sabana where these incredible, ominous natural structures are located.

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