Ten things you should never have in a small apartment if you want to make it truly perfect

Every single thing in a small apartment should play a special role in making it functional, stylish and homely. Selecting the wrong furniture and cramming it full of too many accessories can have the effect of making your apartment look even smaller than it already does.

 To help you avoid making serious mistakes and in turn create the home of your dreams, we put together this list of ten things you should never put in a small apartment. You can create a harmonious and stylish interior just by following these simple rules.

Taboo number 1: Installing a large chandelier

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A large chandelier certainly makes for a striking piece of furniture. It might create a great and glamorous atmosphere and make your apartment look absolutely charming. However, it’s a bad choice for a tiny apartment, because it quite simply takes over the whole room. It’s much better in this case to create a complex pattern of light using additional ceiling-fitted lamps placed around the perimeter of the room, together with any natural light sources. This helps to visually expand the size of the living space and changes your perception of its shape.

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