There’s a place in Italy where you can now literally walk on water

In northern Italy, right on the surface of Lake Iseo, a floating path has been built according to the design of artists Christo Yavashev and Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon.

The ’Floating Piers’ installation is made from plastic cubes that allow an individual to walk without any problem across the surface of the water. The path is 5.5km long and connects a village with two islands. The effect feels like you’re taking a truly unique journey through one of the most beautiful and dramatic places in Italy. The two artists first had the idea for the ’Floating Piers’ back in the 1970s, but have only managed to bring it to life now — to the joy and fascination of the locals.

We at Best Creative Ideas heard about this and immediately fell in love once again with Italian culture.

Preview image credit: michelangeloop / shutterstock

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