This couple found an innovative solution to keep their house warm in the cold winters


A Swedish couple, Charles Sacilotto and Marie Granmar, sought a creative way to use natural solar power to heat their house and save energy during frosty Nordic winters. You would think that such an idea would be extremely time-consuming and expensive. However, the family’s encounter with Swedish eco-architect Bengt Warne gave rise to a great design idea — to build a greenhouse around their home and warm it naturally all year round.

Today, Best Creative Ideas will tell you how this kind of wise and inventive idea will help you keep your house warm and comfortable even when the outdoor temperature drops below 32°F (0°C).


The owners of the house were inspired by the idea of Swedish architect Bengt Warne, who developed the concept of the nature house (naturhaus) in 1974.


The external metal structure of the greenhouse is built out of 4-millimeter panes of glass. This ensures a mild Mediterranean climate indoors, even during cold winter months.


Marie and Charles’ summer house encased in glass looks like an extraordinary structure out of a sci-fi movie. The house has other benefits, too: in such a unique greenhouse, the family easily grows such products as figs, tomatoes, and cucumbers that don’t normally survive the harsh Scandinavian winters.


This sunny little piece of the Mediterranean isn’t just a romantic house extension idea. The family makes huge savings on their heating bill, and the house is completely independent from the city sewer.




Source: YouTube


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