This elegant wedding dress has been used by ten different brides over 120 years

Every bride to be worries about her choice of wedding dress. Abby Kingston from Pennsylvania, USA, was an exception. She knew already in childhood exactly what she would wear on her big day. In fact, she’s already the eleventh person in her family to use this particular dress – for it’s been passed down from generation to generation since 1895.

You don’t hear about this kind of remarkable commitment to family tradition very often. Wonderful!



After Abby’s great great great grandmother, Mary Lowry Warren, first wore the dress on her wedding day at the close of the 19th century, it became a tradition among the women of her family to wed in it. Every time, the dress has had to be slightly amended, with most changes being carried out on the hem, waist and chest area.



The tradition actually took 50 years to start because Lowry’s own daughters had no interest in wearing the dress. This is the second bride, Jane Woodruff, wearing the dress for her wedding in 1946.


Over the years, the two-piece dress had largely remained the same.







Leslie Kingston — Abby’s mother.









Abby Kingston herself

When her mother finally tracked down the dress at her great-aunt’s house in Vermont, they found a disintegrating garment that showed a half-century’s worth of alterations. They decided that they had to restore the dress to how it was.


In all, it took specialists 200 hours to restore the dress from brown to a champagne colour, rework the sleeves, fit it to Kingston’s body, and work around the wiring in the skirt.


After five dress fittings over nearly six months, Kingston described stepping into the finished gown as “very surreal.”


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