Tricks to help you look perfect in photographs

Many people are convinced that they always look terrible in photographs, and therefore do everything they can to avoid going in front of the camera lens. But few know that, in actual fact, producing successful photographs is merely a question of finding the right pose.

Samantha Simmonds, a newsreader for Sky News, has revealed some of her tricks she uses to look great in front of the camera every day. They’re so simple, and so effective, that we just had to share them with you.

1. Find your best side

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'Almost everyone has an asymmetrical face.Therefore, you need to work out which is your "best side"', says London-based photographer John Godwin. It's a simple idea: decide which side of your face you like more, and always turn it to the camera.

Based on material from: dailymail
Photo credit: John Godwin

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