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fascinating-look-at-the-stars-of-harry-potter-14-years-later 0

A fascinating look at the stars of Harry Potter 14 years later

In 2001, the world first saw an absolutely fabulous film about a boy who became a wizard. It immediately captured the imagination of children and adults all over the world. Over the ensuing decade, a whole series of films about Harry Potter...

infinitely-touching-photographs-of-fathers-and-their-little-daughters 0

Infinitely touching photographs of fathers and their little daughters

There’s something about the site of men — many of whom try so hard to project an image of strength and toughness — holding their daughter’s hands, playing with them in the park, or putting them to bed which makes your heart beat a little faster....

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The stars of Home Alone 25 years later

Home Alone is now a seminal movie with a cult following, and the reason why is simple: you won’t won’t find any other film with such a magical, festive atmosphere. This family comedy was filmed in the now distant year...